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"Because hugging lions is boring."

Hugging Dragons is an indie game studio that creates fresh and unique experiences for PC & consoles.

Currently we are working on our first game, Wicked Lands, a turn-based tactical roguelike set in a weird fantasy world. Scroll down for more information, follow us on Twitter and join the Discord channel to stay up to date!

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Slay Ogres, rob tombs and barter with Witches!

Tame a Cockatrice, gain fame and riches!

Use all your wits and creativity in this turn based tactical roguelike, to lift the curse that haunts the Wicked Lands!

Wicked Lands
  • Explore a randomly generated world bursting with hostile and friendly creatures, magical places and loot.

  • Test your strategic skills with fluid, fast-paced, tactical combat that challenges your wits and creativity rather than your maths ability.

  • Experience a unique map every time. New items and enemy combinations provide fresh challenges and emergent gameplay each time you play.

  • Enjoy our wickedly funny art style and humour, reminiscent of adult cartoons like Rick & Morty.

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